Retirement Plan Types

401(k) Plans

Is one of the most popular types of retirement plans that offer participants and employers to make tax-favored contributions to employee retirement accounts.
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403(b)/401(a) Plans

Both plans are primarily used by government and non-profit organizations; however, there are differences between the two plans.

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Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans

Participants do not invest any of their own money in the plan, nor do they have any responsibility for the investment choices. The cash-balance plan credits the account with a set percentage of their salary each year and a set interest rate is applied to the balance.

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Money Purchase Pension Plans

A qualified plan funded solely by the employer that’s not tied to profits.  Features: Tax deductible contributions, tax-deferred growth, generous contributions limits and attractive employee benefit.

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Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Plans designed to help attract, retain and reward executives or other highly compensated employees.

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Profit Sharing Plans

Offers employers design flexibility and discretion with regard to contributions.  Contributions are self-determined and can be allocated in several ways.

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New Comparability/Cross Tested Plans

Employers can maximize contributions to a select group of participants while keeping their overall contribution cost to a minimum.

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