Recordkeeping and Reporting Services

Recordkeeping must be meticulous, highly accurate and efficient to support a viable, successful retirement program. At PensionSource, we bring proven, reliable recordkeeping and reporting services supported by a dedicated service team. Our system includes stand electronic processing of plan and participant data, specializing in daily valuation recordkeeping services.

Integrated Technology Systems

Our client focused recordkeeping services helps ensure accuracy and minimizes recordkeeping & reporting time by reducing error-prone paper-based transactions and ensuring protection and confidentiality of participant information.

Responsive and Personalized Service

Our clients have direct access to qualified professionals who can provide the organizational and participant support you expect and deserve. Plan sponsors and participants have access to our dedicated team of service professionals on staff at our service center.

Customized Reporting

PensionSource offers both required and customized report, including;

  • Electronic reports, including custodial statements, trust & participant statements, invoices and revenue reports (if applicable)
  • Reports-on-demand feature to create standard and customized reports
  • Retirement savings progress reports

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