Plan Participant Services

A retirement plan offers employees an opportunity to save for the future and to meet long term financial objectives.  These plans work best when they are educated in the fundamentals of long-term investing, appropriate asset allocation strategies, penalties for early withdrawal and other important IRS regulations that can affect their retirement account.
PensionSource works closely with your financial advisor to provide the services and ongoing support to help employees the right choices.

Enrollment Support

PensionSource and your investment advisor partner to provide your employees with the services needed to efficiently enroll employees in the plan. 

  • On-site Enrollment – PensionSource provides customized enrollment materials and handouts to enhance and augment the enrollment services offered by your independent financial advisor.
  • Enrollment Materials – Includes professional enrollment materials to guide employees in making enrollment and investment decisions.  These materials generally include enrollment workbooks, investment education, risk profile worksheets, investment fact sheets, and enrollment forms.
  • Required Plan Notices – PensionSource works with you to provide all required participant notices such as the Blackout Notice, Fee Disclosure Notice, Summary Plan Description, and others that may be needed for your plan.

Education and Investment Guidance

After the initial enrollment, our solutions offer the educational tools and investment guidance needed to help your employees stay on course, including:

  • Quarterly Statements – Participants receive quarterly statements that meet regulatory requirements and that provide details of account activity for the period.
  • AccountValue.comParticipants can access current information about their retirement plan account including:
  • Update personal information
  • Set account notification aler
  • Research investment options
  • GuidancePlus! for allocation guidance, educational tools and online calculators
  • Update investment elections
  • Request fund transfers
  • Access plan forms & documents
  • View statements online
  • Create on-demand reports

Participant Service Center

PensionSource provides ongoing, day-to-day support offering participants the option to speak to a participant service center representative, during normal working hours, or they can email questions to online support via Our participant support team is available to assist employees with questions such as:

  • Support using the plan website
  • Retirement distribution options
  • Calculating and taking hardship distributions
  • Calculating and processing loans
  • Understanding quarterly statements
  • Minimum required distributions at age 70 ½
  • Rolling in balances from other plans

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