Plan Design Assistance

PensionSource believes there are no two companies alike.  That’s why it’s important to examine the characteristics unique to an organization to make sure they have the retirement plan that works for them.   

We understand the importance of tailoring retirement plans to the specific goals of the people the plan is meant to serve.  Our plan design specialists take into consideration many factors, including but not limited to, workforce demographics, tax objectives, owner retirement goals and plan flexibility to ensure you are making informed and advantageous retirement plan decisions.
Our team of professionals who have worked in the retirement plan industry for decades; gives us the knowledge and experience necessary to properly assist financial advisors in the proper design and management of all types of retirement plans.
Whether your client desires a defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan, or both, we will work with you to design a plan that fits not only your individual needs, but the unique needs of your client.

We offer our financial advisor partners plan design assistance including:

  • Plan Design
  • Fiduciary Process Review
  • Fee Analysis
  • Plan Administration
  • Employee Education
  • Investment Analysis
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Provider Comparisons
  • RFP Management

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