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We make it easy for you to assemble the tools you need to hold effective employee meetings, conduct successful enrollment campaigns and maximize plan participation. At PensionSource, we offer attractive, easy-to-understand materials to help employees learn about the importance of saving for retirement, understand their retirement plan’s features and advantages, work toward contributing at the maximum levels and make informed asset allocation decisions. The Enrollment Kit is a five step guide that educates employees about the basic principles of investing for retirement.

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Complete the form below to give us the necessary information to fulfill your order. Remember to specify the enrollment meeting date and the required materials delivery date. Submit your order request as soon as possible as delivery of kits may take 7-10 business days from receipt of your completed request. For enrollment meeting support services or additional assistance, please call 800.785.4992, Option 2.

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Note: Order only what you need as Enrollment Kits are updated from time-to-time due to a change in the plan and/or in the investment options offered by the plan. Remember, fund performance information is updated monthly and is available online. Some Enrollment Kits are available online in electronic format. Fees will apply (including shipping & handling) for ordering Enrollment Kits per the service agreement. If you require further assistance, please contact your Account Service Representative.